Royal Mail Tracking Not Working Fix (2024)

Is the Royal Mail tracking not working for you? If YES then look no further as we have a bunch of solutions for you.

Royal Mail is one of the longest-running postal service companies started out in 1516. While the company has amassed regular users through the years, it is not immune to occasional issues.

Recently, a lot of Royal Mail customers have been complaining about the Royal Mail tracking not working. A lot of customers are not able to track their orders due to this issue.

The issue has definitely put customers on edge as neither are they able to track their packages nor are they able to find out if their tracking charges will be refunded.

If you did not know, Royal Mail charges around £2.85 to let customers track their packages. However, even after paying the amount the service does not seem to be working for a lot of customers.

There are a few steps that you can take to resolve the Royal Mail tracking not working issue. Let us take a look at them below.

How To Fix Royal Mail Tracking Not Working?

Before you go ahead and try any of the steps mentioned in the article below, it is important to ensure that the problem is not at the end of the Royal Mail servers.

To check the server status of Royal Mail, you can use online resources like Down Detector that can tell you if the servers are down currently.

If that is the issue, you can not do anything except for the issue to be resolved from the service’s end. However, if the servers are up and running and you are still facing the issue, you can try out the fixes mentioned below.

Verify Reference Number

Sometimes the issue may be as simple as an incorrect reference number. You should check whether you have entered the correct reference number in the “Track Your Item” bar.

If there is an issue with the reference number, you can simply correct it and try again.

Confirm That Your Package Is Trackable

While Royal Mail gives customers the option of tracking couriers and services, it is not applicable to all orders.

You can go to the official Royal Mail website to check the list of trackable services.

Contact Royal Mail Support

If you have tried the solutions above but are still not able to track your package, it is time to get in touch with the Royal Mail support team for assistance.

This is how you can fix the Royal Mail tracking not working issue. We hope that this guide was helpful to you.

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