Fix Palworld Failed to Host Multiplayer Session Error (2024)

Palworld is finally out and millions of gamers around the world are trying to access it. The immense popularity of the monster-collecting survival game has stressed servers, causing Palworld failed to host multiplayer session errors.

The Palworld failed to host multiplayer session error likely has to do with the game’s servers being overwhelmed. On the launch day, over 350,000 players are playing the game on Steam. Many more are currently on Xbox and PC via Game Pass. this surge has left the servers unable to cope.


Currently, there is no solution to the problem besides patience. Developer Pocketpair has also acknowledged the issue in the game’s official Discord server. They recommend players repeat the process of connecting over and over again or wait till the services are restored.

They affirmed that the server provider is reporting that due to the large amount of concurrent players, the servers have become unstable and you may be experiencing issues connecting to servers. They are working to resolve this ASAP!

How To Check Palworld Server Status

Pals In Palworld

There is a dedicated page that shows the current server status of Palworld( that you can continue checking to see when and if the issues have stabilized.

Palworld Failed to Host Multiplayer Session: Fixes

Retry Hosting Multiple Times – Repeating the process of connecting over and over again has many able to connect.

Restart Game Client – Try to fully quit and then re-launch Palworld before re-attempting.

Play Off-Peak Hours – Avoid the peak congestion period and try again later when fewer players vie for resources.

Palworld Pals

Switch From Multiplayer to Solo Player

Try switching from Multiplayer to Solo Player if you are ok with playing without your friends.

  • Select Start Game from the menu.
  • Choose the world you want to change the multiplayer/single-player setting for.
  • Tap on “Change World Settings”
  • Turn multiplayer “Off” and Turn multiplayer “On”
    Now you can enjoy the game solo.

These are some of the ways to get around Palworld Failed to Host Multiplayer Session Error. Hope you have found this article helpful.

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