How To Fix Natwest App Not Working Issue (2023)

NatWest also known as the National Westminster Bank is a major commercial bank. It is based in London, United Kingdom. Now in the current digital age, most of the users prefer online banking services through banking apps. The same can be said about Natwest banking App. But what if you are faced with the Natwest App Not Working issue?

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As one of the largest banks in the UK, many users rely on the Natwest app. But when it’s not working it can disrupt your plans for the day. Do not worry if you are faced with Natwest App Not Working Issue. Here we share with you in this article how to solve the issue and get your NatwestApp working again.

Reasons for Natwest App Not Working Issue?

Natwest App Not Working

Are you facing Natwest App not working issue do not worry as you are not the only one. There are many users who facing the Natwest App Not Working Issue. here are some of the reasons your app is not functioning.

  • A glitch or a bug 
  • The device is not compatible
  • You are using VPN
  • Low data mode on your mobile
  • Not Updated the NatWest Mobile Banking app
  • Your Wi-Fi or mobile data not working.

How To To Fix Natwest App Not Working Issue?

Check For a Stable Internet Connection

  • Check if you have a stable internet connection.
  • Try alternating between Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Check your internet speed.
  • Turn ON and OFF your mobile data
  • Check the router in case you are using wifi.
  • Try to switch from a mobile network to a wifi
  • Or from wifi to a mobile network.

Check NatWest App Server Status

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If you are also facing NatWest App Not Working problem, then first of all you must check NatWest App Server Status. You can find out whether this is the case by going to to check Natwest’s server status. If the servers are down or under maintenance then one needs to wait as the NatWest Mobile Banking team resolves the issue.

Clear Cache of NatWest App

For Android users

  • Go to settings
  • Find NatWest Mobile Banking App
  • Click on that
  • Tap on clear cache.

NatWest Mobile Banking App cache will be cleared.

For iPhone users

  • Go to iPhone settings
  • Go to General
  • Serach for NatWest Mobile Banking App
  • Tap on that
  • Tap on iPhone Storage
  • Tap on the Offload App button
  • Reinstall NatWest Mobile Banking app.

Check NatWest Mobile Banking app working or not after Clearing the app cache.

Update NatWest App to The Latest Version to solve Natwest App Not Working Issue

Natwest App Update

Another method to solve the issue is to update the NatWest App. If you have not updated your app you may face the issue of the Natwest App not working. can also be an Outdated version. So you should update NatWest App.

  • Go to the app store/google play store
  • Search NatWest Mobile Banking
  • If it says ‘Open’ – this means your app is updated.
  • It says ‘Update’means you have to upload the current version.
  • Tap on Update to download the current version.

Disable VPN

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Network & internet
  • Tap on VPN.
  • Toggle off VPN.
  • Restart Device:

Turn On and Off Your Device

Natwest App Restart Device


  • Press and hold either the volume button or the side button.
  • Drag the slider, and wait for your device to turn off.
  • Turn on your device by pressing and holding the side button till you see Apple Logo.

For Android

  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • When you see the power menu
  • Select Restart to shut down the device
  • Power it back on after a few minutes

Reinstall App

If none of the solutions above made your app work again, try uninstalling and reinstalling Natwest. Then, try using the app again.

For iPhone

  • Press and hold the Natwest app icon on your home screen.
  • Tap on ‘remove app’ to uninstall it.
  • Press ‘delete app’ to confirm
  • Press ‘delete again to start the uninstallation.
  • Go to the app store,
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Tap on the purchased list
  • Find the Natwest app
  • Press on the cloud icon to reinstall.

For Android users:

  • Press and hold the Natwest app
  • Click on the uninstall option.
  • Press ‘ok’ to confirm the uninstallation.
  • Go to the play store and search ‘Natwest’ in the search bar.
  • Press the ‘install’ option to reinstall the app.

The other way you can fix the issue is by closing and again opening the NatWest Mobile Banking app. Or you can also Try restarting your phone to solve the issue. Restarting your device clears minor bugs and glitches. Check if your device is compatible with the app. If not then change the device.

Hope the above steps were helpful to you for resolving the Natwest App Not Working Issue.

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