How to Fix Fitbit App Not Loading (2024)

Are you encountering the issue while using the Fitbit app and the Fitbit app not loading? If your answer is YES then don’t worry you are not alone.

Fitbit is a company that makes devices like fitness bands and other smart devices to track heart rates, calories, or other parameters that will help them maintain their physic.

However, Fitbit devices will connect with your mobile devices by using the Fitbit app. This app will help you manage your device functionalities.

Unfortunately, some Fitbit users are encountering the issue while using the Fitbit app and reported the Fitbit app not loading problem.

If you are also facing the same problem then don’t worry as we got you covered. In this guide, you’ll learn why is the Fitbit app not loading and how to fix this problem.

Why Is the Fitbit App Not Loading?

you may be encountering the Fitbit app not loading problem for several reasons. To make your work easier we have mentioned some of the most common reasons for encountering this problem.

  • Down or under maintenance server.
  • Outdated version of the app.
  • Corrupted and outdated cache files.
  • Issues with your internet connection.
  • Bugs and glitches are present in the app.

How to Fix the Fitbit App Not Loading Problem

Use the following methods to fix the Fitbit app not loading problem.

Method 1: Restart the App

Sometimes simply restarting the app will resolve your problem. So, before you start troubleshooting your problem by using any complex method it is recommended to try restarting the app.

This will resolve all temporary bugs and glitches present in the app and also fix issues caused by them. If restarting the app does not fix your problem then you should consider restarting your device as well.

Method 2: Check Server Status

Fitbit App Not Loading

You may be encountering the issue and unable to use the Fitbit app’s services because there is an issue with the server and the app server is down for maintenance or update.

In that case, either visit the official status page of Fitbit or use online tools like Downdetector to find the current status of the server.

After checking if you find any issues then you have to wait until the issues are fixed.

Method 3: Update the App

If you are running the outdated version of the Fitbit app then it must be the reason why you are encountering the issue. In such cases, go to Google PlayStore or App Store and search for the Fitbit app.

Tap on the Update button next to the app name to start the updating process. Once the app is updated, open the app to check if your problem is fixed or not.

Method 4: Clear Cache

Fitbit App Not Loading

To provide a better user experience Fitbit stores user data in the form of cache files and uses it when required. Sometimes these cache files get corrupted and start causing issues instead.

It may be possible that you are encountering this problem because of these corrupted and outdated cache files. To fix the issue you need to clear the corrupted app cache files.

To do so, go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Fitbit > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear.

If you are using an iPhone device then go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Fitbit > Offload App > Reinstall App.

Method 5: Reinstall the App

If updating the app and clearing the cache files does not fix your problem then you should consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

To uninstall the app tap and hold the Fitbit app icon and select Uninstall or Remove. Now, go to Google PlayStore or App Store and reinstall the app.

Method 6: Contact Customer Support

Fitbit App Not Loading

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you then the last thing you can do is contact Fitbit Customer Support for further assistance.

That’s all, we hope this guide helps you fix the Fitbit app not loading problem.

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