All Festival of Foolishness Codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley (2023)

Are you looking for Festival of Foolishness Codes?

If your answer is YES then you are reading the perfect place. Here we compiled a full list of Festival of Foolishness codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you redeem these codes then you can get many free rewards like glass, pumpkin, snowball, hardwood, night shards, dream shards, and more.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a simulation game developed by Gameloft. In this game, you have to explore an amazing world full of magic. You can also have to go on an adventure with your favorite Disney characters.

Festival of Foolishness is a mini-event in Disney Dreamlight Valley in this event developer of the game adds a new code redemption system and many exclusive codes also. If you want to get and redeem those codes then read the post till the end.

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Without any further ado let’s start.

Latest Festival of Foolishness Codes List 2023

These are all new and active Festival of Foolishness codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

  • FOFSURPRISEKIT— Redeem this code and get 5 free Snowballs, 15 free Hardwood, and 15 free Glass rewards!
  • FOFSUCCESS—Redeem this code and get eight free Pumpkins rewards!
  • FOFLOSHARD—Redeem this code and get 5 free Night Shards and 5 free Dream Shards rewards!
  • FOFGLITTER—Redeem this code and get a 150 free Moonstone reward!
  • FOFCATCHDAY—Redeem this code and get 5 free Anglerfish, 5 free Fugu, and 5 free Kingfish rewards!
  • FOFLOGEMS—Redeem this code and get 3 free Diamonds, 3 free Rubies, and 3 free Sapphires rewards!
  • FOFTROPHY—Redeem this code and get a 150 free Moonstone reward!
  • FOFCRAFTYKIT—Redeem this code and get 5 free Clay, 5 free Fabric, and 5 free Cotton rewards!
  • FOFSOUVENIR—Redeem this code and get 5 free Iron Ingots, 5 free Gold Ingots, and 5 free Tinkering Parts rewards!

The event of Festival of Foolishness is for a limited time and the codes are expired after the end of the event. So go fast and redeem them as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we trying to answer all general questions related to Festival Foolishness codes.

How To Redeem Festival Foolishness Codes?

The code redemption process in Disney Dreamlight Valley Festival Foolishness event is pretty simple you just need to follow the steps given below.

Festival of Foolishness Codes
  • First, open the game on your device then click on the Three Layer Menu Icon.
  • After that click on click on the Setting Gear Icon located at the top right corner of the screen then click on the Help Option.
  • Then copy a working code from the above list and paste it into the Redemption Code Option.
  • Once done then click on the Claim Button and collect your rewards.
  • That’s it.

What is The Expiry Date Of The Festival of Foolishness Event?

The Festival of Foolishness event in Disney Dreamlight Valley expired on June 9, 2023. In this event, you can get a text adventure story and you need to select options that change up the story.

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