FeetFinder Review: Read Before Using Other Sites (2024)

Whenever we talk about feet pics selling platforms, FeetFinder always tops the list. Since the number of new platforms that allow users to buy and sell feet pics has increased significantly, a lot of people are wondering if FeetFinder is legit or a scam.

Unlike other people who just randomly write a review of feet pics selling platforms, I personally use each platform for a few days or months and then write a review. I did the same with this FeetFinder review.

Being a Feet Pics seller, I have used multiple platforms over a period of months. Since I have been using FeetFinder for more than a year, I thought it is the right time to share my experience with our readers.

Our honest FeetFinder review will help you decide whether you should visit this platform to sell feet pics or not.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a massively popular platform allowing people across the world to sell feet pics and videos for money.

When there was no feet pics selling platform, FeetFinder was there. Earlier, the platform was free for all but later they changed it and launched two subscriptions — Basic and Premium for sellers.

If you wish to use FeetFinder to purchase or view pictures of feet, you don’t need to purchase its premium subscription.

FeetFinder Review

If you want to reach potential buyers on FeetFinder, I advise you to purchase its Premium subscription. The website is currently offering a massive discount on its Yearly and Lifetime plan.

If you purchase FeetFinder’s Monthly plan, it will cost you $15 while the Yearly and Lifetime Plans can be purchased for $49.99 and $80.00, respectively.

Is FeetFinder Worth It?

Yes, FeetFinder is definitely a great platform to start selling feet pics and videos. Irrespective of whether you have beautiful, or ugly feet, FeetFinder has buyers waiting for you.

What makes this feet pics platform worth it, it has an impressive 4.9 out of 5 Star Rating on Trust Pilot.

If you visit FeetFinder’s Trust Pilot review page, you will be shocked to see that there are more than five thousand users who have reviewed the platform.

FeetFinder Review

If you look at the Trust Pilot review stats, more than 91% per cent of users rated FeetFinder 5 Star Rating. The remaining 9% per cent of users who have written reviews on Trust Pilot gave 4 Star Rating to FeetFinder.

If you look at the subscriptions of FeetFinder that we have mentioned above, it is totally worth it.

FeetFinder Trust Pilot Reviews

Here are some FeetFinder reviews that people wrote on Trust Pilot:

This is a great site, I’ve done content on multiple platforms and sites and this is one of the easiest to set up and use.

– Master Colton

As a seller and someone new to FeetFinder, the FeetFinder team has been extremely helpful and quick to respond to my inquiries. There are several resources available and guides on how to sell successfully on the platform.

– Princess

They are very trust worthy site and I love how they utilize their platform for models to make their content broadcast.

– Goddess Kay

This platform is awesome! The site was very easy to use, the subscription is affordable, and I got a lot of engagement in a short period of time!

– wah sam

I love how they protect inexperienced sellers from scammers the best they can! It’s by far the best platform I’ve used for selling feet content!

– Jeff & JennyTrotter

Why Should You Sell Feet Pics On FeetFinder?

There are plenty of reasons that I found FeetFinder a better place to sell feet pics and videos. If you wish to make money selling feet pics and have multiple platforms in your mind then I suggest you go with FeetFinder.

Here are some reasons why you should use FeetFinder to sell feet pics:

  • Unlike other feet pics selling platforms, FeetFinder is a safe and trusted platform for both buyers and sellers.
  • Nobody can view your personal information on FeetFinder like email, phone number and more.
  • FeetFinder invests a huge chunk of its earning in advertising, attracting potential buyers that help FeetFinder sellers get a sale without having tons of followers on social media platforms.
  • In order to provide scam free atmosphere, FeetFinder asks buyers to provide their card information before purchasing content on its platform.
  • The premium FeetFinder seller subscription is pretty cheap.
  • Once you meet the minimum threshold, you can withdraw your money through Segpay or Paxum.
  • Allows FeetFinder buyers or sellers to earn extra money by using its referral or affiliate program.
  • FeetFinder only takes 20% of the sale, which is indeed way better than other feet pics platforms.
  • The website has tons of feet lovers which increases the chances of selling feet content.

How To Get Started Selling Feet Pics On FeetFinder?

It is pretty easy to get started selling on FeetFinder. However, if you don’t know the procedure then follow the steps written below:

  • First, you need to visit FeetFinder’s official site.
  • After visiting the site, you need to click on the ‘Sign Up’ button located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • When you do so, you will see two options — View/Buy Feet Pics and Sell Feet Pics.
  • To start selling feet pics on FeetFinder, select the second option.
  • When you do so, you will be asked to purchase its subscription.
  • Once purchased, you need to verify your identity.
  • Once your identity is verified, you can start uploading pictures of your feet on FeetFinder.
  • Once you have successfully uploaded a bunch of albums on FeetFinder, you need to promote them on social media platforms to attract real buyers.
  • That’s it.

How to Make Money On FeetFinder?

There are multiple ways that can be used to earn money on FeetFinder. To make your work easier, we have mentioned all possible methods here:

  • You can earn money on FeetFinder through paying subscribers. Like OnlyFans, you can set a monthly subscription price for your fans or subscriber to access your private content.
  • You can make money by selling feet albums. The best thing about feet albums is you can sell them unlimited times.
  • If your fans or subscribers like your content they can give you Tip.
  • You can make a lot of money by creating a custom video based on the client’s requirements.
  • You can earn a decent amount of money using a FeetFinder referral or affiliate program.

How Much Should I Charge For Feet Pics On FeetFinder?

This is one of the most common questions a FeetFinder seller searches on the internet. After signing up on FeetFinder, a lot of people make the mistake of overcharging their feet album or photos.

If you have just started selling feet pics on FeetFinder, I would recommend you set your album price around $5.

Apart from setting a cheaper price, make sure your Gallery has a couple of photos to preview. If you have all of your photos blurred, it is likely that the buyer would not buy your content.

According to my experience, buyers purchase pictures and videos of feet from sellers who have a bunch of their photos showcasing their faces, body parts and feet clearly.

Once you start getting sales on FeetFinder, you can increase your album price gradually. Being a FeetFinder seller, you should also keep your album price between $5 to $20.

If a buyer asks you to create a custom video then you can charge her or him between $30 to $100 based on their requirements.

Is FeetFinder Legit?

The short answer is YES. I have been using FeetFinder for more than a year and I am making a steady income every month by selling pictures and videos of my feet.

When it comes to money you raked in on FeetFinder, you don’t need to worry because FeetFinder has been approved by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, ensuring that your money is in safe hands.

Apart from providing a safe atmosphere, and tension-less financial transactions, FeetFinder puts your safety and privacy first, making it a legit platform to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

Unlike other platforms, you would not get scammed on FeetFinder because this website verifies information, making sure the buyer or seller you are dealing with is genuine.

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