Error 143 Endings – All Endings & Their Answers

The much-awaited visual novel game, Error 143 has finally been released for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

As expected, the game has a plethora of things to keep its user entertained. There are numerous things that people want to know about Error 143 but the thing that players want to know the most is its all endings and their answers.

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Since the number of users searching for Error 143 endings have increased manifold nowadays, we have created a guide explaining how many endings are there in this game and what are their passwords.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Error 143 Endings & Their Answers

The newly launched novel visual game, Error 143 has a total of three endings and each one is quite different from one another.

Whenever you unlock an ending in Error 143, you will get unexpected results. To know every ending’s conclusion, you need to keep reading this post.

As mentioned above, Error 143 has three endings — Good, Bad, and Marriage. Since each ending is different from the others, I advise you to keep reading this post to get their outcome and final result.

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Here are answers to every Error 143 Endings:

All Error 143 Answers

Here are the correct answers to get the three specific endings in Error 143: 

Error 1 – The Bad Ending

Unlike the second and third endings, the first Error 143 ending has been divided into two parts. Irrespective of which ending you select, you have to be negative with your rival Micah about his feelings for you on two occasions.

Day 1 – 

First Occasion: When Micah tells you that he has a present for you. When this happens, make sure to select

  • “Whatever stalker ;P”

And then

  • “I feel uncomfortable”

When you select these choices, Micah would tell you that he thought that he chose a perfect vibe but he was wrong.

Day 3 – 

When you have a chat with Micah on a call, he will say that “the only thing that would make me happier is if you’d admit your feelings for me”.

In that case, you will have to respond:

  • “In your dreams”

When you do so, he will then ask if you want him to stop. That time, you need to tell him:

  •  “Yes, I want you to stop”

After seeing your response, Micah will disconnect the call feeling heartbroken. This would be a bad ending that you will witness in Error 143.

Error 143 – Good Ending

If you want to see how the second ending unfolds in Error 143, make sure not to select any option that we have mentioned above.

In this ending, your rival Micah will come into your life asking you to come on a date. Unlike the first, this ending would not have many choices.

You have to have a romantic with Micah to get the outcome of this ending.

Error 211 – The Marriage Ending

When Micah makes up his mind to say no to a rematch, he will ask you to show your hacking talent again.

Since it is a visual novel game, if you type Marry Me while chatting with Micah, he would come into your real lif and you will be married then.

These are all three Error 143 Endings and their results.

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