Error 143 Codes – All Working Game Passwords (May 2023)

Are you looking for Error 143 codes? If your answer is YES then you should stop your search now.

Ever since Error 143 was launched on Steam, a lot of players have been searching for its codes or game passwords.

In this post, we will reveal all Error 143 game passwords. Before I unleash the list of all game passwords, let’s talk about the first.

For the unversed, Error 143 is a newly launched visual novel game, which is based on two rivals that turn into lovers after hacking their PCs.

Your rival is Micah and it is your duty to find out more about them. Unlike other games, Error 143 has multiple endings and each one is quite different from one another.

Since this post is all about Error 143 codes, we would not be talking about their endings and other stuff here.

All Error 143 Codes List (2023)

Here are all Error 143 codes that you can use right now:

  • Error 143 codes – Friend PC Backdoor passwords
  • Chochi – 99B50D
  • Crocnapping – 4PPLEB0TT0MJ43ANS
  • Faranesque – PASSWORD1
  • Jennyan – LOSER
  • Luka – H*MOSE*UAL
  • Ma-Rina – KINIKILIG
  • Mationette – HOTDOG
  • Nine – 12345
  • Odreru – AMEN
  • Ohn – BLUBBU
  • Rei – POOPHEAD
  • Tofu – SWAGLORD
  • Tora – SOUP
  • Xavi – LURKER

How To Use Error 143 Codes?

When you launch Error 143 on your Mobile or PC, you will be asked to guess a password or enter a code related to each person.

When you enter their code or password correctly, you will get access to their database. Hacking in Error 143 is not as difficult as it sounds.

To hack in Error 143, you simply need to click on the ‘Hack; button, which can be found below the list of friends. After clicking on this, you will have to head to the Backdoors icon on your PC.

There, you will have to guess passwords for each person. To get the work done in no time, make sure to use our list of Error 143 codes.

For more information about the game, watch the following YouTube video.

What Is Error 143 Hack Me Answer/Password?

The password to Error 143 Hack Me password is — ERROR.

Apart from this, you will have to type two more passwords. Whenever you are asked to enter a password for the first time, type — OEADKCHMING.

Once you have been granted access, enter this password to lock your system —EAOHKDRYNCILSUMTWP.

When you progress through the game, you will be asked to enter yet another Error 143 password. The password is OORAKTYNFGSWDLPCQMHI.

That’s all you need to know about Error 143 codes or passwords.

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