How To Earn XP In FC Mobile (2024)

Are you wondering how you can get more XP in FC Mobile? This guide will help you understand how you can build up your XP to increase your level and get cool rewards for it.

Levelling up is an important part of the FIFA Mobile experience. You can unlock a lot of new features as you level up in the game. 

There are several ways to earn XP in FIFA Mobile. We have explained these methods below.

How To Get XP In FC Mobile?

XP In FC Mobile

You need to get more XP in the game to level up and unlock features like the Market. Here are some of the best ways to earn more XP in FC mobile. 

Play More Skill Matches

This is the best way to get XP in FC Mobile. You should regularly play skill matches to build up your XP and increase your level. 

You can participate in daily events like League Tour, seasonal events, or daily Training to play skilled matches. 

Play Division Rivals

Division Rivals is a competitive mode in FIFA Mobile. You get various objectives in this game that you need to complete.

You can play VS attack, Head to Head, or Manager mode matches to increase your XP. Whether you win or draw a match, you will still get  XP for your efforts.

Complete Quests

There are Daily Quests in FIFA Mobile that you can complete every day to earn a specific amount of XP. These Quests refresh every day so they are a good source to get XP regularly. 

Play Challenge Mode

This is a special mode in the game that is usually active during seasonal events. During Challenge mode, you can earn more XP by completing Skill games, AI matches, or PvP matches from Friday to Sunday.

Trade Players On The Transfer Market

This is also a method that can give you XP in the game. To trade players in FIFA Mobile, you can go to the Market and list the players you want to trade and then use the List on Market option.

You will be able to set the starting price as well as the length of the auction. 

Squad Building Challenges

This event contains challenges that test out the strength of your squad. You will need to compete in three SBC Tutorials before you can unlock the whole event. 


There are a number of hacks that claim to provide you with infinite XP. However, using these hacks can get your account banned and using them is usually not worth the risk.

This is how you can earn XP in FC Mobile. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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