How To Fix EA FC 24 Closed Beta Not Working (2024)

Is EA FC 24 Closed Beta not working for you? Find out the reason behind the issue below.

Beta testing is a crucial phase in game development where developers gather feedback and address bugs. 

However, the EA Sports FC 24 closed beta is currently experiencing a lot of issues. Numerous reports have surfaced indicating that the EA Sports FC 24 closed beta is not functioning properly. 

Players who were eagerly anticipating early access to the game have expressed their disappointment. 

Some users have experienced issues such as codes not downloading or being marked as already used. 

This situation not only frustrates players but also poses challenges for EA’s support teams in addressing these problems promptly.

In addition to the technical issues, players have reported receiving codes for a different game altogether. 

For example, one player received a code for “PGA TOUR ROAD TO THE MASTERS” instead of EA Sports FC 24. 

This mix-up has left players baffled and playing virtual rounds of golf instead of enjoying the anticipated game. 

Furthermore, console players have also encountered codes designated for the wrong platform, complicating matters for those expecting to play on their preferred console.

While players speculate that EA is aware of these code-related issues, there has been no official response from the developers themselves. 

However, the support team has acknowledged the problem and is currently working on a fix. Players are advised to stay updated through the Closed Beta forums on AHQ for further information.

In conclusion, the EA Sports FC 24 closed beta has encountered technical issues that hinder the smooth progress of beta testing. 

Players have expressed frustration over codes not working and receiving codes for the wrong platform or game entirely. 

Although developers are working on a solution, no temporary workaround currently exists. 

Players are encouraged to follow updates on the Closed Beta forums for the latest developments.

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