Fix DropBox Something Went Wrong On Our End Error (2024)

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that lets you save files and sync them for easy sharing. But like any other online service, DropBox also has its bugs and issues DropBox something went wrong on our end error is one of them. This error is usually seen while trying to upload folders via the website.

Many users have been complaining about getting the DropBox something went wrong on our end error. If you are facing the same error then here are some solutions that will soon have DropBox working without any hiccups again.

How To Fix DropBox Something Went Wrong On Our End Error:

Here are some solutions to solve the DropBox Something Went Wrong Error that has been preventing users from accessing the service.

drop box something went wrong error

Force Stop

For iOS devices, close the DropBox App and re-open it.

To Force-stop the DropBox App on An Android Device, press DropBox and tap on the info icon. Select Force Stop and tap OK.

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache is an effective way to solve various problems.

  • Go to the menu on your device
  • Tap on options.
  • Select App List.
  • Find the DropBox App and click on it.
  • Choose the storage option.
  • Click on the Clear Data option. This Clears both data and cache.

Reinstall Dropbox

If the DropBox something went wrong on our end error persists then try to uninstall and reinstall DropBox.

  • Open Google PlayStore or App Store on your device and search for the DropBox app.
  • Tap on the Uninstall button to uninstall the app.
  • Reinstall the app after a few minutes.

Switch Browsers

You can also switch browsers to solve the issue. Trying out an alternative browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge may solve the DropBox something goes wrong on our end error.

Update DropBox

Do try to keep your apps updated to the latest version to avoid errors.

For Android:

  • Open the Play Store app.
  • Tap the profile icon.
  • Select Manage Apps and Devices.
  • Click on the DropBox App.
  • Select Update.

For iOS:

  • Open the App Store.
  • Tap your profile.
  • Scroll down and click on DropBox App update.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the above steps solves the issue then you need to contact DropBox app support. The support team will help you solve the Dropbox something went wrong on our end error

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