How to Get Dragon Breath In Blox Fruits (2023) – Complete Guide

Do you want to get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits? If your answer is YES then look no further as we have got you covered.

There are tons of Blox Fruits players who wish to obtain Dragon Breath but don’t where to find it.

While you are here, you must be wondering where to find Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits. Don’t you?

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If your answer is YES then don’t worry, we have a step-by-step guide explaining the same in a very simple way.

To know Dragon Breath’s location, requirements, and the entire process, you need to keep reading this guide.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Obtaining Dragon Breath In Blox Fruits (2023)

Unlike Haki or other in-game items, obtaining Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits is not that difficult.

Once you have more than 1,500 Fragments in your Blox Fruits account, you can get Dragon Breath.

Once you have got 1,500 Fragments, you need to find an NPC named Sabi, which can be found in the Kingdom of Rose in the Second Sea.

For the unversed, Second Sea in Blox Fruits can only be accessed if your game level is above 720.

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Once you have unlocked Second Sea in Blox Fruits, find Sabi and get Dragon Breath in exchange of 1500 Fragments.

If you don’t have enough Fragments in your Blox Fruits account then you need to keep on reading.

How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits?

There are two ways that can be used to obtain Fragments in Blox Fruits — Robux or Complete Quests.

Here’s how you can get Fragments in Blox Fruits:

  • When you defeat Blackbeard or Rip_Indra in Blox Fruits, you will be given 1500 Fragments. (Make sure you have done 10% damage to Rip_Indra or Blackbeard)
  • When you defeat Cake Prince in Blox Fruits, you will get 1000 Fragments.
  • Upon defeating a Sea Beast, you will receive 250 Fragments.
  • Defeating a Ship Raid will get you 200 Fragments. Notably, you will only get Fragments when you defeat both Brigade).
  • Upon completing Fruit Raids, you will receive a total amount of 1000 Fragments.
  • When you defeat someone with a YouTube Title, you will receive 2500 Fragments and 250,000 Beli. Make sure you have got a bounty from them.

Apart from these, you can earn a decent number of Fragments by defeating Elite Pirates, Training Dummy, or completing a Pirate Raid on Castle on the Sea.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Fragments and obtain Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits.

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