Fix Discord Mobile Stream Zoomed In Issue (2024)

Discord is a popular communication app where users can create servers, chat with community members and watch streams on a channel. But currently, many users are facing Discord Mobile Stream Zoomed In Issue.

If you are also facing the Discord Mobile Stream Zoomed In Issue then do not worry as you are not alone. Many users have encountered this problem on Android and iOS devices. This issue is probably due to the latest phone update which prevents users from zooming out on most mobile platforms.

This is when they try to watch a stream on Discord mobile. The video appears much larger than it should this makes it quite difficult to see everything on the screen. If you are also facing the same issue do not worry as in this article we are sharing some possible solutions to resolve the Discord Mobile Stream Zoomed-In Issue

How To Fix Discord Mobile Stream Zoomed In Issue

Fix Discord Mobile Zoomed In Issue

Zoom Out On Mobile

  • One of the easiest ways to fix Discord Mobile Stream Zoomed In Issue is to zoom out on your phone
  • If you are using an Android device
  • Turn on the magnification and manage the zoom level
  • On iPhone
  • Double-tap the screen
  • Drag your fingers to optimize the settings.

Adjust Appearance Settings In Discord

  • One possible fix is to adjust the appearance setting in the Discord mobile app.
  • Go to your user profile
  • Select App Setting.
  • Navigate to Appearance
  • Adjust the zoom level to your preference.
  • This step may help to reduce the zoomed-in effect

Update Discord App

  • Check if the Discord app is updated and if it is not
  • Go to the Google Play or App Store to manually update your Discord app
  • If auto-update is enabled on your device
  • The app should automatically update.

Swipe Down To Make A Small Picture

  • Press the stream on your mobile
  • Swipe down to make a small picture in the corner.
  • Though this is not an ideal solution
  • It can help you see all of the screen being streamed

Use Discord Website

  • Another solution is to open the Discord website in your mobile browser
  • Use the web version of the app.
  • This may help to resolve the zoomed-in issue.

Restart Device

Discord App
  • Sometimes restarting your device can fix the Discord mobile stream zoomed-in issue.
  • Switch off and switch on your device.
  • This can help refresh your device.
  • It will fix any software issue that may be causing the problem

Contact the Discord Support Team

  • If none of the above solutions work you can contact Discord support for further assistant
  • They may be able to provide you with some easy solutions.
  • Or they may push it forward to the technical team.
  • Who will soon solve the Discord Mobile Stream Zoomed In Issue.

By trying out the above solutions you will soon be able to fix the Discord Mobile Stream Zoomed In Issue on your Android or iPhone device.

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