DI Not Available For This Package – Decoded (2024)

Package deliveries are mostly reliant on carrier services so if you wish to know when your package will be delivered you need to track it online. These days a concept that is being much discussed is the ‘DI not available for this package’ message.

Usually, when we order something online the order can be tracked and we receive a tentative date of receiving the package. You need to prepare your entire schedule around the delivery date. But what happens when you are tracking your package and receive a message DI Not Available For This Package?

Now you must be wondering about DI Not Available For This Package. Should you be worried when you receive this message? This and many more questions regarding DI not being available for this package will be answered in this post.


All About ‘DI Not Available for this Package’

Here is all you need to know about, the ‘DI is not available for this package’ message. Well DI stands for delivery information. So, when this message pops up when you are tracking your package means the delivery information is not available for the package.

In simple terms, it means that the delivery of your package will not require a signature. The delivery man can leave it on your front porch or in any designated area you have shared for such orders. At times, the delivery person may not bring the package to your home, you will have to collect it from their office.

The requirement of a signature while accepting a package depends on how expensive is your package. If it is quite expensive or fragile or costs more than $500 then the package will be handed only after being signed by the buyer or any responsible person.

Fragile Package

The signature confirmation method allows the responsible person to accept the package, on behalf of someone else. You can sign into your FedEx, US Postal Service, or UPS account to alter the delivery instructions if you are out of town and they will hand it over to the person named in the instructions.

If you have to urgently go somewhere then try signing for the package online to provide the required signature in advance.

DI Not Available for this Package is a common issue but nothing to worry about. We hope this comprehensive guide has answered most of the questions uppermost in your mind regarding the message.

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