How to Get Demon of Emotions in All-Star Tower Defense (2023)

The All-Star Tower Defense has players using specific characters to fend off waves of enemies. Currently, the Forces Of Evil are on a rampage as they go on invading various anime universes in Roblox All-Star Tower Defense! 

To protect your world in ASTD, you have to rise up to the occasion and gather up an all-star team to fight them off. Recently, a new character the Demon of Emotions was introduced in All Star Tower Defense all thanks to a recent update.

For the unversed, the Demon of Emotions in All-Star Tower Defense is based on a character from the popular manga series, Demon Slayer. Gamers who are up-to-date with the latest season of Demon Slayer may recognize the Demon of Emotions as Hatengu from the Swordsmith Village Arc.

In this article, we shall walk you through the process to get a Demon of Emotions in All-Star Tower Defense.

Demon of Emotion is a unique 6-star ground unit. He is multiple towers rolled in one. As soon as you upgrade him for the very first time, he will split into a variety of forms each with their own stats and abilities. 

The Demon of Emotion comes at a hefty price of a deployment cost of 500 cash. He is capable of firing 6 different damage types. He also has 5 varying attack types.

How Do I Get Demon of Emotion In ASTD?

You can get Demon of Emotion from an area in the lobby called the Hero Summon. This is the place from where players can get most of the 6-star unit characters. To get the Demon of Emotion in ASTD, you need to be lucky enough to obtain him from the Hero Summon. Banner Y is your best option for this.

You have multiple Banners to choose from In All-Star Tower Defense‘s summoning system. Each Banner at a time has around six possible characters at a time.

They cycle out every hour and you need to be alert to see if Demon Of Emotion is one of them. As soon as you spot Demon of Emotion, you must start summoning on that banner.

You should always perform the 10x Summons to save 10% gems. The stationing cost for the Demon of Emotion is $500. The total cost for it can go up to $6,152,250.

The Demon of Emotion has a special ability of Upper Fusion and its attack ranges from 40 – 70. This tower causes fire enchants. Born out of emotions that turn into rage,  Demon Tower need orbs to unlock his special abilities at level 5.

The Demon of Emotion will display emotions at level upgrades. The most powerful is at the Hatred level where he is able to cause 480,000 damage. Here, he runs around casting fire enchants defending your tower. So keep on upgrading your Demon of Emotion to the max level to cause more damage.

The Demon of Emotions can also release different Dragons at different upgrades. Popular among them are the Lightening Dragon and the Hatred Dragon. This is a must-recommended tower and players should get it as soon as possible to the max level to get an edge in the game.

Hero Summon Mechanics

Heroes are summoned using the game’s summoning currency. This is usually in the form of gems.

Monitoring Banners

In All-Star Tower Defense, heroes are often released in limited-time banners. These banners increase the chances of summoning specific heroes, such as the Demon of Emotion. By keeping an eye on these banners, you can increase your odds of obtaining this Demon of Emotion.

Maximizing Gem Savings

When summoning heroes in All-Star Tower Defense, one must perform 10x summons instead of a single summons. If you opt for a 10x summon, chances of getting valuable heroes like the Demon of Emotion increase. Also as it comes with a discounted rate, you are able to save precious gems.

Earning Gems through Gameplay

Earning gems through gameplay is more rewarding. All-Star Tower Defense offers various ways to do this. It can be done by completing quests, participating in events, and reaching certain milestones. By maximizing your gem savings you increase your chances of summoning the Demon of Emotion.

Summoning the Demon of Emotion in All-Star Tower Defense requires a lot of patience, strategic planning, gem savings, and monitoring of banners.

We do hope you found this article helpful in summoning the Demon Of Emotion in the Tower Of Defense game.

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