Fix D2ArmorPicker Not Working (2024)

Is D2ArmorPicker not working? If your answer is YES then don’t look further as we have got you covered.

There are tons of Destiny 2 players who are currently having trouble using D2ArmorPicker as it is not working properly at the moment.

If you too are having the same issue then don’t worry, this guide will not only teach you how to fix D2ArmorPicker not working problem but also explain the reason that could lead to authentication error or other errors.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is D2ArmorPicker?

D2ArmorPicker is an amazing tools developed by Mijago. This tool helps Destiny 2 players selecting the best armors from the game inventories and vault to make a better combination of armor for their Titans, Hunters, or Warlocks.

If you have just started playing Destiny 2 and wondering which armor combination to use for your Titan, Warlocks and Hunters then using this tool is highly recommended.

If you use this tool correctly, you would need to worry about the best combination of Armor for your character.

How Does D2ArmorPicker Work?

To use D2ArmorPicker, you simply need to visit and log in. Once you have successfully logged in to the site, you will be granted access token of D2ArmorPicker.

The best thing about this tool is it does not ask you to provide your login details. You only need to give an authentication token.

Once the authentication token is given, this tool will check all of your armors and modes and come up with a better option for your Hunter or Titan.

How to Fix D2ArmorPicker Not Working?

There is no denying that D2ArmorPicker is an amazing tool but it does not always work the way it should.

A lot of Destiny 2 players took to social media platforms and complained that D2ArmorPicker is not working for them.

If you too are having the same issue then let me tell you that this error must be happening because of the outdated or expired authentication token.

Here are all possible solutions that could fix the D2ArmorPicker not working issue:

1. Re-login to

To fix D2ArmorPicker not working issue, you need re-login to the When you do so, the tool will get the temporary login token from the Bungie to make it working.

This might be a basic solution but there are plenty of players who claimed to have resolved the issue by simply logging back to the site.

2. Check Destiny 2 Server Status

If you continue to encounter the same issue then jump then I advise you to check the server status of Destiny 2 before you apply any other solution.

If the servers of Destiny 2 are down for maintenance or any reason, D2ArmorPicker tool would not be working.

All you need to do is wait until the servers of Destiny 2 are back online.

3. Visit

If you still are having the same issue then visit and change the tool. Once changed, you simply need to login to that tool using your account and select the desired stat for your Hunter or Titan.

These are some easy methods that can be used to fix D2ArmorPicker not working issue.

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