Fix Could Not Contact Entitlement Service on FiveM (2024)

Are you getting the ‘Could not Contact Entitlement Service on FiveM error? If your answer is YES then you are at the perfect place.

The complete error is “Could not contact entitlement service, Status code: 503”. Various reasons could lead to this frustrating error and some of them are server issues, network problems, device issues or corrupt gaming systems.

Could Not Contact Entitlement Service

In this guide, we will not only explain what causes the could not contact Entitlement Service on FiveM error but also explain how to fix it.

What Causes The Could Not Contact Entitlement Service on FiveM?

Here are some possible reasons that could lead to this error:

  • Servers Down
  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • Device Issue
  • Check Firewall
  • Corrupt Game Files

How to Fix Could Not Contact Entitlement Service on FiveM Issue

To fix this issue, you need to apply the following methods:

Check The FiveM server status.

Downdetector, FiveM

FiveM servers could be down or under maintenance. One must wait till the issue is resolved by the FivM team.

You can check out the current server status of FiveM on Downdetector.

Weak or Unstable Internet

Could Not Contact Entitlement Service on FiveM issue could be due to unstable internet. Ensure the internet connection is stable.

Restart Your Computer & Router

To restart your Computer, click on the Start button and then select ‘Restart’. If restarting your Computer does not work then you restart your Router as well.

To restart your Router, you need to follow the steps written below:

  • Unplug the Router from the power outlet
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Plug it back in.
  • Check if the issue is solved.

Check Your Firewall & Antivirus Settings

Your firewall or the antivirus software could be blocking access to the FiveM servers.

FiveM should be added to the list of exceptions in your firewall or antivirus settings.

Check if the error has been resolved.

Verify The Game

FiverM, FiverM server

If the game files are corrupted or missing, you may face a Could Not Contact Entitlement Service on FiveM error.

One must verify the game files through Steam.

Or one can reinstall the game.

To verify the game files through Steam, you need to follow the steps written below:

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right-click on the game
  • Select Properties.
  • Click on the Local Files tab
  • Select Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Contact the FiveM support team

If none of the above steps helps, then one must contact FiveM support for further assistance.

  • Contact the FiveM support team.
  • Provide information about the issue you’re experiencing.
  • They will soon help you resolve the issue.
  • One can even reinstall the game and it might solve the issue.

What is FiveM

FiveM is a multiplayer modification framework for GTA and it allows players to play online on customized servers. They can play the game as a single-player or multiplayer. The M in the FiveM stands for Modifications. FiveM provides both a single-player and multiplayer experience.

FiveM was initially called Five Reborn and is free for all players who have bought Grand Theft Auto V.

It enables players to play on customized servers powered by It is built for creativity where users can create their own server. FiveM enables players to customize games in their server settings.

The multiplayer modifications provide a vast set of tools for players to personalize their gameplay experience.

Unique Servers

FiveM servers

These custom servers allow players to experience more than what is available on GTA Online. When you connect to a server, FiveM automatically downloads modifications.

One need not install them manually. To find a list of servers looking for new players, you can look in the FiveM Server List-

How To Download FiveM

You will need to have a legitimate copy of the Grand Theft Auto V game installed already before being able to use FiveM. One needs around 1-3GB of data for the FiveM installation to download.

Hope this post is helpful to you.

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