How to Clear Fivem Cache (December 2023)

If you want to clear the Fivem cache but don’t know how to do it then don’t look further as we have got you covered.

In this article, we will teach you the easiest method to clear the Fivem cache. Before I teach you the exact process, let me tell you that Fivem is a mod for GTA V that gives GTA players the freedom to use all the extra features, such as custom cars, maps, and weapons.

Apart from unlocking those features, Fivem allows you to play multiplayer.

But because of some corrupted Cache files, sometimes users have to face some issues while using Fivem preventing them to use this mod smoothly.

If you too are having any issues while using Fivem mod then use the following method and get it fixed.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Why Causes Fivem Mod Not Working?

There are numerous reasons that could corrupt cache files and when this happens, players are not allowed to load into the server and encounter issues like weapons not working, cars not spawning, cannot be able to access the locations, etc.

Whenever you play games and explore new areas, cache files are generated in the background to give you instant loading of data when you come to the same place again.

Because of some unknown reason game stored corrupted cache files or previously stored cache files get outdated.

These corrupted and outdated cache files often cause issues in the programs and you have to face problems.

You can fix these problems by deleting the cache files of Fivem.

How To Clear Fivem Cache Files

Clearing the Fivem cache files is very simple. However, if you don’t know the process follow the steps written below:

As I mentioned above, you can fix cache-related issues by simply deleting the cache files which are located in the application directory.

In Fivem, you will have to delete the Cache.xml file that contains some important data that help the mod to load or run faster.

Once you delete this file, Fivem Application will automatically create new cache files.

Here are some easy steps to delete the Fivem cache.xml file.

  • First, you have to completely close the game, you might need to end the task from the task manager.
  • Once you close the game, you will have to delete the cache.xml file.
  • To locate the cache.xml file, go to the path given below,

Username Folder > AppData > Local > FiveM > FiveM Application Data

  • Alternatively, you can right-click on the Fivem application and choose the Open folder location from the context menu.
  • Under the Fivem Application Data folder, locate the cache.xml folder and delete it.
  • Once done, you will have to head toward the Cache folder.
  • Here you will have to delete all files and folders, except for the Game folder.
  • Now close all windows, restart your PC, and try running the Fivem.
  • That’s it.

We hope this article helps you in clearing the Fivem Cache files. Comment below if you have any questions or queries related to this topic.

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