Fix Clash Of Clans Not Working/Crashing Problem (June 2023) – The Right Way

Is Clash of Clans not working for you? If your answer is YES then you have come to the right place.

Ever since the devs dropped a new Clash of Clans update, the majority of players have been encountering crashing or COC not opening or loading issues.

The best thing about COC crashing issue is the developers are aware of this issue and trying their best to resolve the issue.

Taking to Twitter, they acknowledged the issue and revealed the reason that is actually causing the COC crashing issue.

According to their Tweet, the crashing problem COC players are currently having is due to the Inferno Tower or Giga Inferno upgrading before the update was released.

Apart from crashing, COC players are encountering numerous issues such as connect lost, update is available, matchmaking not working in BB and others.

Irrespective of which error you are having in Clash of Clans right now, you can fix them by applying the methods written below:

Clash of Clans Not Working Or Crashing Problem Fix (2023)

There are numerous methods or solutions that you can use to fix the crashing or not working/loading problem in Clash of Clans.

To make your work easier, we have mentioned all methods here. To know what those methods are and how they work, you need to keep on reading.

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Whenever you encounter crashing or not loading problems while playing or launching Clash of Clans, the first thing you should do is check your internet connection.

Since COC is an online game, you must have a fast or stable internet connection to play it smoothly.

To check your internet speed, visit websites like speed test and find out your uploading or downloading speed.

If you find your internet speed is slow or unstable, turn off your router and then turn back it on. If you continue to encounter the same issue then contact your Internet service provider and request them to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Method 2: Switch Your Internet Connection

If you are using your Mobile data to play COC, I recommend you switch to Wifi or vice versa. Switching an internet connection typically fixes all minor problems.

If you are using Wifi to play COC but the wifi is connected by numerous people, I recommend you reduce the number to get a stable Internet connection.

If switching internet connection does not fix the problem then apply the following methods to fix it now.

Method 3: Close & Then Relaunch COC

The next method needs you to close Clash of Clans. Once closed, make sure it is not working in the background.

Once it is completely closed, relaunch COC on your phone and check if the problem is gone or not.

Method 4: Update COC

The majority of players encounter COC crashing or loading issues whenever a new update is released by the game developers.

If there is an update available but you are using the older version of the app, you are most likely to face crashing or other problems.

To fix this issue, you need to update COC to the latest version. To do so, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and update it.

Method 5: Restart Your Mobile

After updating COC to the latest version, if you continue to encounter the COC crashing issue, I advise you to restart your device.

If you are using an Android phone, you can restart your phone by holding down the power button. After that, select ‘Restart’.

iPhone users, on the other hand, can restart their device by selecting the power button, holding the volume up button and then swiping the slide to power off.

After that, hold down the power button to restart the phone. Once restarted, launch the game and check if the error remains.

Method 6: Clear App Cache

Like browsers, apps store cache while using the application and use them to provide a smooth experience.

Unfortunately, sometimes stored cache files interfere while using the application. To fix this issue, you need to clear the cache of the app.

To do so, you need to go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Clash of Clans > Storage Data > Clear Data.

Once done, log into Clash of Clans and check if the error is fixed.

Method 7: Submit A Report

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you then the last thing you need to do is Submit a report with Supercell.

To submit a report with Supercell, follow the steps written below:

  • First, launch the game and go to Settings.
  • Select “Help and Support”.
  • Select the option as to why support is required.
  • Type your problem in detail and send it.
  • When you do so, the Supercell will get back to you with a possible solution.
  • That’s it.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix COC crashing or not working problem.

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