How to Check My Turkcell Number in Turkey (2024)

If you love travelling and plan to visit Turkey any time soon, you need to update a local SIM card for communication purposes. For that, you have to activate your Turkcell sim card number by visiting the nearest operator.

If you accidentally lose your SIM card, you have no option but to contact Turkcell to retrieve it. Generally, people don’t not remember the numbers which are not used daily. If you do not remember the Turkcell number then don’t worry, there are multiple ways to get your Turkcell number back.

This guide will walk you through the process by checking your Turkcell Number. Before you try the method to check your Turkcell number, you have to contact the nearest support centre to get your problem resolved.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How To Check Your Turkcell Number

As mentioned above, there are multiple ways that can be used to check your Turkcell number. If you don’t know what those methods are and how they work, you will have to keep reading this guide.

Method 1: Dial *134#

This is the simplest method to check your Turkcell Number. However, if you don’t know how it works then follow the steps given below,

  • First, open your dial pad and enter *134#
  • Call on this number.
  • When you do so, you will be shown your Turkcell Number.
  • That’s it.

If this method does not work for you then try using other methods,

Method 2: Dial USSD Special Code

If you are a Turkcell sim owner but don’t know how to check your number then dial USSD numbers *123# or 8091. These are special codes that will provide you with every relevant information you need to know regarding your number.

Method 3: Call Customer Services

If you still are not getting access to your Turkcell number then you have to contact Customer Services for help.

If you are a Turkcell subscriber then dial 532 and if you are using any other operator services then dial +90 532 532 0000 to contact Turkcell customer support services.

Method 4: Check The SIM Card Packaging

If you have purchased your Turkcell sim card recently, you must have the packaging in which your sim card is packed.

If you manage to find your card package, check out if the package contains your card information on it.

Method 5: Visit the Turkcell Website or Store

If the above mentioned methods don’t work then this is the last method that you could try. This method needs you to visit your service provider’s official website or email them at the contact information provided via their website.

What is The Turkcell Number Code?

Turkcell number code is a four-digit number that is used to identify the customer. This code is also used to identify customers, ensure customer information is accurate, track customer activity, and provide customer support.


Here are some basic questions related to Turkcell and their possible answers.

Is There an App That I Can Download to Check My Turkcell Number?

Ans: Yes, there is a Turkcell application available for both iOS and Android. You can use this application to find your Turkcell number and other relevant information such as the activation date, account balance, and data usage.

This application has some amazing features which will make this application easy to use and also help you to manage your account.

How Long Does Turkcell SIM Last?

Ans: Turkcell SIM lasts up to 30 days. You can use Turkcell services for one month.

How Do I Find My Turkcell Number?

You can simply find the Turkcell number by dialling the *123# from your mobile phone. If it does not work for you then try using the above-mentioned methods.

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