BraveNine Story Tier List (March 2024) 

Are you looking for Brave Nine Story character tier list? If YES then your search ends here.

Before I rank BraveNine Story characters into multiple tiers, let’s talk about the game first.

For those unaware, BraveNine Story is a Visual Novel RPG developed by NeoWiz. The game has you completing a storybook through adventure.

As you progress through the story, you will have multiple new characters unlocked. Once you have unlocked characters in BraveNine Story, you can use them as a companion or an enemy.

There is no denying that Brave Story Nine has a total of eight characters but not all of them are equally powerful or strong.

With that in mind, we have created BraveNine Story tier list wherein we have ranked all characters available in the game into five tiers with S being the best to D being the worst character.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

BraveNine Story Character Tier List

Before you go through our tier list and select any character in BraveNine Story, let me tell you that we have ranked all the powerful and strong characters in S Tier.

The remaining characters are mentioned A, B, C and D tiers. Notably, characters mentioned in A tier are amazing but they are not as strong as S Tier characters.

All Good, Average and worst Brave Nine Story characters are mentioned in B, C and D tiers. If you want to become a powerful character in this game, avoiding characters mentioned in C and D tier are highly recommended.

Here are all BraveNine Story characters and their ranking:

S Tier Characters

  • Elin
  • Lydia

A Tier Characters

  • Rigenette
  • Captain

B Tier Characters

  • Carlson
  • Beatrice

C Tier Characters

  • Arines

D Tier Characters

  • Maria

That’s everything you need to know about BraveNine Story tier list.

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