How to Fix BG3 PS5 Sound Not Working (2024) – SOLVED

Are you getting the BG3 PS5 sound not working problem? If your answer is YES then look no further as we have got you covered.

Ahead of Baldur’s Gate 3’s official PlayStation 5 release, a lot of players who had purchased its Digital Deluxe Edition were given access to enjoy its early access for September 2, 2023.

Notably, the full PS5 version of BG3 is scheduled to release on September 6, 2023. Since the game is still in the early access, a lot of players have been encountering issues while playing BG3 on PlayStation 5.

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Among common errors is a BG4 PS5 sound not working. There are plenty of PS5 users who took to community and social media pages complaining that they are not getting any voice or sound while playing Baldur’s Gate 3 on PS5.

While you are here, you might be having the same issue as well. If that’s the case then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Fix BG3 Sound Not Working On PlayStation 5

Not all but the majority of players who started playing BG3 on PlayStation 5 were getting the sound not working problem.

Whenever a gamer encounters an error while playing, downloading or installing a game, the first thing he or she does is post the same on social media or community pages. The same thing happened with the BG3 game as well.

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According to a user, he did not have any problem while launching the game and customizing his characters but the moment he went further, the sound cut off.

When I searched for this error, I found numerous comments confirming the same issue while playing BG3 on PlayStation 5.

If you are getting the same error then follow the steps written below:

Method 1: Save & Restart Game

Whenever you encounter the BG3 PS5 sound not working problem, the first thing you should do is save and restart the game.

I know this might be a basic solution to every problem but it worked for many and they confirmed the same on social media platforms.

Notably, it is a temporary solution. Since the devs are aware of this issue, they might fix it from their end soon.

Method 2: Disable 3D Audio

The next method that could fix the sound not working problem on BG3 Playstation 5 is to disable 3D audio.

If you have not tried this method yet, do it now by going to Settings > Sound > 3D Audio for Headphones.

Once done, close the game and then relaunch Baldur’s Gate 3 on your PS5 and check if the error is gone.

These are two methods that you can use to resolve the BG3 PS5 sound not working problem.

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