Best Uncensored Anime To Watch (September 2023)

Looking for the best uncensored Anime? This is the place to find it. 

Often many Anime can be censored to keep their content viewable for a larger audience base. This can be done to limit violence, obscenity, explicit content, or other aspects that may not be suitable for a wider audience. 

However, due to this, many aspects of the Anime can get altered as well. If you are 18+ and want to watch the best uncensored Anime, this is the list for you. 

We will keep updating the list over time, so check back often. 

Best Uncensored Anime (May 2023)

These Anime are only suited for adults. If you are a minor, then we strongly recommend that you avoid watching any of the Anime on this list. 


Nana has been created by Madhouse Studios and premiered from Apr 5, 2006, to Mar 28, 2007. Each episode of the series is 23 minutes in duration. There are 47 episodes of the anime.

The anime revolves around the story of Nana Komatsu who is seeking love in her life. 

The story talks about Nana Komatsu who seeks love for life more than anything. A chance meeting with vocalist Nana Osaki gives her a new roommate.

The story follows them as they try to chase their dreams in the city of Tokyo. Nana has a fantastic narrative that will draw you in instantly. 


Berserk is a manga adaptation that comprises 12 episodes and premiered back in 2016. The manga was originally written and illustrated by Miura Kentarou.

It is the story of Guts, a boy who lost his mother. Now, he survives by fighting his way through. He soon gets noticed by a gang leader who recruits him to the group. 

Guts is good at his job and soon becomes a valuable member of the gang. The gang gains more notoriety with Guts at their side. Eventually, Guts decides to take revenge against those that recruited him.

The anime did receive some criticism due to its animation but that is a small issue in what is otherwise an excellent series. 


This is an action and political thriller anime with a runtime of 102 minutes. It was released on November 17, 1999. 

The story explores an alternate historical universe of Japan in the sixties. It follows Kazuki Fuse who is a member of the elite anti-terrorist police unit of the Kerberos Panzer Cops. 

Though he is trained to kill, he is confronted by his humanity when he has to shoot a young terrorist. We also get to see Fuse develop a relationship with Kai through the anime. 

You will get to see many prominent political themes that were relevant to Japan in the 1960s. 

The author of Jinro, Mamoru Oshii, was a part of the student protests centered on the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan. The overall theme of the film is heavily political.


Mnemosyne is one of the most popular uncensored Anime right now. This was a shot anime series that comprised 6 episodes and ran from February 3, 2008, to July 6, 2008. It is an action, sci-fi, and supernatural genre anime. 

It is a  story centered around the Yggdrasil tree that appears in the human world and releases Time Fruits into the world.

These Time Fruits can enter humans and have different effects on them. If the fruit enters a female, it grants immortality. However, if the fruit enters a male, it makes them a mad being with wings. These beings are known as angels. 

The story follows Rin Asougi who is an immortal and runs a private investigative agency in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. She is assisted by her immortal assistant Mimi. 

Rin is often hunted by an assassin Laura who has been hired by Apos. Apos is an angel who hunts the immortals and is the current guardian of the Yggdrasil.

Prison School

Prison School is a 12-episode TV anime that started back in 2015. It aired from Jul 11, 2015, to Sep 26, 2015. Each episode is 24 minutes in duration. 

It is an anime adaptation of a manga. Hiramoto Akira wrote and illustrated the manga. 

The story is based in the all-girls Hachimitsu Private Academy that decides to make the school co-ed. Five new boys are introduced to the school but soon find themselves in a world of trouble.

What follows is a series full of laughter and hijinks. 

These are some of the best-uncensored anime. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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