10+ Best Roblox VR Games To Play On Quest 2 (June 2024)

Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation. It is currently quite popular among gamers. Now, The Roblox Universe has expanded all thanks to virtual reality gaming, and here are some of the Best Roblox VR Games for you.

Roblux has gained popularity among gamers as it is filled with minigames and modes created by players.

They allow users to play games created by other users. Most of the games on Roblox are supported by flat screens and VR formats.

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Roblox VR gives users a more engaging experience while playing their favourite game. Due to the popularity of VR games on Roblox, more and more games are being added to the virtual reality gaming sphere.

In this article, we share with you some of the best Roblox VR games to play on Meta Quest 2. The selection offers a special journey to gamers that will leave them hooked to the world of virtual reality.

Below is a list of the Best Roblox VR Games you can play with your friends or by yourself:

Best Roblox VR Games To Play On Quest 2

Here are some of the best Roblox VR games to play on Quest 2:

Jungle Bungalows!

Jungle Bungalows Roblox VR Game

A popular Roblox VR game where you just have to tag someone and run. One can also try to escape the person trying to tag you.

This can be played with friends for a more enjoyable experience. The characters in this game are extremely agile just like monkeys. Just like the chimps players can hang from anywhere and also have a wide variety of maps to choose from.

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Clashers VR

Clashers VR Roblox Game

Clashers VR is all about defending your medieval castle from invaders. Or attacking a castle to conquer it. You can join any of the two groups.

This can be played between four players who can use Medieval weapons to protect their domain from the enemy. It has a variety of game modes to explore with your buddies.

VRBlox Drawing

VRBlox Drawing

If you are a fan of drawing then this game is for you. In this game, you can draw with your friends and also admire their drawings.

The plus point in the game is that your drawing is in 3D and you have many colour options to choose from. Perfect for a holiday to have some fun time with friends. It is one of the Best Roblox VR Games.


EdgeWorks VR Roblox Game

Edgework as the name suggests is all about doing some challenging things. You can solve puzzles, do Parkour, Climb Obstacles, and more. This game is at a much better level than the other VR games.

VR Hands

VR Hands Roblox

VR hands is a complex game of hands where the player can acquire goods by pushing their opponents. One can also assist the non-VR players through the obstacle course in the game. Otherwise, push them off course with a huge table tennis racquet to knock them off the map.



VRBLOX has the players experimenting with colored balls to create designs. One can put their artistic skills to the test by designing things you have often wanted to and the fun part is that you can do so in 3D too. The game will also assist you if you do not use offensive language.

Noodle VR

NoodleVR Game

In this game, players prefer to play like a Noodle VR rather than a regular player. The reason being Noodle VR has all the power. It not only has long arms but can also arm itself with knives or jail the regular players.

This combat game can be played with friends. New locales are added regularly to allow gamers for a better experience of the game. Another of the Best Roblox VR Games.

Energy Assault

Energy Assault VR Roblox Game

Energy Assault is a multiplayer Roblox VR game. This game has modes like Capture Flag, Death March, and also Free For All. You can earn points, and unlock new weapons, and skins as you play the game. The added features make the game more interesting for the players.

VR Escape Room

VR Escape Room

VR Escape Room is a time-limited game as you have to unlock yourself and escape from the rooms by solving riddles.

All this must be done within the scheduled time period to avoid being trapped in the rooms. This game too can be enjoyed with your buddies on a lazy Sunday with this Best Roblox VR Games.

VR Islands Roblox Game

VR Islands Roblox Game

VR Islands is all about defeating the other player by using a wide variety of methods. You can, for example, fry the non-VR players on the stove, use paintball guns or play billiards with pool balls.

It’s more fun to play with friends, and VR Islands may be whatever you want them to be as you pretend in this game.

Crazy Stairs VR Roblox Game

Crazy Stairs VR Roblox Game

Crazy Stairs is all about a disappearing staircase, where the higher you go you can earn more surprising rewards. But it is based on how far ahead can you get. There is a twist to the whole game as the stairs are not only disappearing but also shifting, and even becoming invisible.

You can use spells to your advantage in the game. You can also wreak havoc on other players using the spells you receive while climbing high on the stairs.

The Best Roblox VR Games list will give you many hours of extreme thrill and fun. Each game is all immersive with some adventurous missions and amazing races in the sky.

The games with the incorporation of VR technology make them truly unmissable. What are you waiting for don your headset and get set to fully immerse yourself in the virtual worlds.

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