Top 5 Best PS1 Emulators For PC (June 2024)

There are millions of high-graphic games available on the web but many people still like playing PlayStation 1 (PS1 games).

It has been around 30 years since PlayStation 1 was released by Sony Computer Entertainment but there are tons of gamers who still love to play games exclusively released for PSX or PS1.

Since Sony stopped the manufacturing of PS1 consoles, a lot of gamers have been searching for the best PS1 emulators to play games on PC.

If you don’t have a PS1 console and wish to play its consoles then the only thing you could do is download PS1 emulator from their official site.

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When you search for the best PS1 emulators on the web, you might see a huge list of emulators. Unfortunately, not all PlayStation 1 emulators available on the web are safe for your device.

To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of the 5 best PS1 emulators that can be used to emulate PlayStation 1 or PSX games on PC.

To know what those PS1 emulators are and where to download them now, you need to keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Disclaimer: We have written this post for the sake of providing information about the best PlayStation 1 emulators. We at don’t promote or condone piracy in any form.

Since sharing and downloading ROMs is illegal, I recommend you check their legality in your region and follow the government guidelines not only on internet safety but also copyright laws.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best PS1 Emulators For PC (2024)

Irrespective of which PS1 emulator you download from here, they will allow you to enjoy your favourite PlayStation One games on your PC.

Here’s a list of all PlayStation 1 emulators that can be used to run PS1 games on PC:


RetroArch is not an emulator, it is a collection of programs called Cores. Because of these Cores, you can play thousands of classic games for dozens of consoles on a single PC using RetroArch.

The best part of this PS1 emulator is it is completely free and emulates the majority of console games, other than this it emulates media players, game engines, etc. This makes it a very reliable emulator.

Download RetroArch


  • It supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • It has a Sleek interface.
  • It will give you the best refresh rate, game loading, and screen resolution.


  • Its configuration process is complicated.
  • Not for beginners.


PCSX-Reloaded is an amazing PS1 emulator if you looking for a stand-alone emulator. The configuration process of this emulator is much easier than RetroArch.

You can use PCSX-Reloaded even if you don’t have much information about emulating the games and the best part of this emulator is it supports all games for classic consoles.

This emulator allows you to connect your controller and get an authentic experience.

Download PSCX-Reloaded


  • It is easy to configure.
  • You can use your gamepads to play your favorite games.
  • It allows you to customize start settings.


  • Its Bios emulation is incomplete.
  • Missing features found in similar programs.


What if I tell you the name of an Emulator that can be used to emulate every PlayStation game and record them in the same software? Yes, BizHawk is that PS1 emulator.

What makes BizHawk massively popular among Retro gamers is it not only emulates the classic console games but also allows you to record videos and audio of your gameplay in high resolution.

BizHawk is a plugin that runs on top of a PS1 emulator called Mednafen, so you need to download both programs to emulate any PS1 game on your PC.

Download BizHawk


  • It has a tool of choices for PlayStation speed runners.
  • It supports Full-screen mode and also supports a gamepad.
  • It also provides you with recording and debugging tools.


  • Superior alternative for multi-system emulators.
  • PS1 BIOS and BizHawk installer of prerequisites required.


It is a very simple but useful PlayStation 1 emulator. It works on Windows and Android devices.

It does not have any graphic enhancer or fancy UI element but it is the only program that successfully emulates PlayStation games.

Download XEBRA


  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Best emulator for beginners.
  • You can play PocketStation games as well.


  • It is known for being buggy at times.


PPSSPP is a PS1 emulator that can be downloaded to emulate PlayStation games as well as upscale the text and resolution to make old titles look better than they did on their original consoles.

It allows you to easily transfer saved data from your PSP to your computer with an SD card.

Download PPSSPP


  • It is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Enhance the text and resolution to make the old title look better.
  • Easy transfer of data via SD card.


  • Mobile versions might be superior to Windows versions.

These are some of the best PS1 emulators to play games on PC.

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