Top 5 Best Kik Games To Play (June 2024)

Are you running out of topics and looking for something that spices up your relationship and continues your conversation then you have come to the right place.

Sometimes you want to talk to a person you like or love but you don’t know where to begin and what to talk to. Don’t you?

If that’s the case then you must play KIK Games. When you play the following KIK Games on your Mobile or PC, you will have plenty of topics to talk about and tips to impress your friends or loved ones.

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To know what is KIK Game and which one is the best, you need to keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is Kik Game?

You must be wondering what KIK Games are and how are they going to spice up your relationship.

We are here to answer everything that you have in your mind. Before I unleash the list of the best KIK games, let me tell you KIK is a messenger platform that was first designed for smartphones.

Due to its unique features and user-friendly interface, KIK has now become massively popular across the world.

For those who are unaware, Kik messenger allows its users to talk to their friends, family, and closest ones one by one or in a group.

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In addition, KIK allows you to play games and create and share memes, pictures, stickers, media files, doc files, voice recordings, videos, and much more with your friends, family members and loved ones.

Notably, it also has an inbuilt browser where you can search for anything you want without leaving the app.

In this guide, we will only focus on some of the best Kik games that you must try in 2024.

Best KIK Games List (2024)

When you search for KIK Question Games on the web, you will see a huge list of games that you can play in 2024.

Unfortunately, not all KIK games available on the web are worth trying. With that in mind, we have shortlisted KIK games that are the best and worth playing.

Here are some of the best KIK games to play in 2024:

  • Mafia Gangs
  • Wasabi
  • Would You Rather
  • Fill in the Blank Game
  • Zombie Invasion
  • Movie Line Game
  • 20 Questions
  • 2048
  • Where Am I
  • Make Four
  • Kiss, Marry, Kill
  • Pretend To Be Someone
  • Truth or Dare
  • Prism
  • Story Builder

1. Mafia Gangs

Mafia Gangs, after reading the name of the game, you must have understood what this game is all about.

In this Kik game, you can make a large group of gangsters and create a strategy with them to get the mission completed.

When you complete allotted missions in Mafia Gangs, you will earn a lot of money and can influence other cities or gangs as well.

As you progress in the game, your gang will become more famous and attract more enemies. When you kill those enemies, you will earn more profits and expand your business.

By using the money you have earned, you can purchase new and powerful weapons for your gangsters and even buy more gangsters to increase your strength.

2. Wasabi

If you love cooking food then this KIK game will suit you the most. If you hate cooking then you should skip to the next KIK game on the list.

In this KIK game, you will have to cook different delicious foods, especially Sushi. You can play this game with your friends and compete with them to make it interesting.

At the start of the game, you will be given a card on which all ingredients will be written for the food you are supposed to cook.

Once you get the card, you have to go to the pantry get all the ingredients for your food and start cooking.

The winner will be decided on three conditions first, who completes the dish before the opponent, the way you present the dish, and last but not least how the ingredients are used in the delicious dish.

3. 20 Questions

20 Questions is one of the best KIK games to play right now. If you have not played this game yet then let me explain how to play it now.

Let’s assume there are two players, you and your friend. One of them has to think about a certain object and the other has to guess the object.

The person who is the guesser has to ask 20 questions and the thinker has to answer all questions with either Yes or No.

If the answer is Yes then the questioner will ask the question again related to the previous correct answer.

If you are a thinker then you have to think about the object that is hard to guess to win the game.

4. Where Am I

Where Am I is one of the best Kik games. This game is similar to the 20 Questions. The only difference is you have to think about the place instead of the object.

Just like 20 questions, there will be two people one is a Thinker and another is a Guesser. The thinker will think about a place and the guesser has to ask questions and the thinker has to answer them in Yes and No.

Let’s understand it with this example, let’s assume that you are a thinker and you have to think about the place and have to give difficult hints to the other player who has to answer.

5. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is the most popular and most played Kik game on the internet. You must be aware of this game and have played it once in a lifetime with your friends.

In this game, there are two options Truth or Dare and the player has to choose one of them.

If you choose Truth, you have to answer the question asked by another player with the Truth.

If you choose Dare, you have to complete the task given by the opposite player. Because you are playing this Kik game via message you have to send pictures to prove that you have completed the task.

These are some of the best KIK games right now.

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