Arceus X V3 Release Date, Official Look, Download Link & More

The news of Arceus X V3 launching in 2022 has been confirmed by the developers of Arceus X. The announcement of releasing Arceus X V3 came a few days after the devs return from a long vacation.

Taking to Discord, Amoy — one of the Arceus X devs — has informed fans that the moment to say goodbye to Arceus X V2 has arrived.

In the same chat, Amoy confirmed to launch of Arceus X V3 in 2022. As soon as he made an announcement on Discord, many fans started searching for links to download the V3 version of Arceus X.

Unfortunately, the V3 version of Arceus X is yet to release. There are tons of fans who are quite furious with the devs because their official website has reportedly been deleted from the internet, making it quite difficult for users to download the Roblox mobile executor.

Since this post is all about Arceus X V3, we would not be talking much about the V2 version.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

When Is Arceus X V3 Releasing?

The devs of the Mobile executor might have confirmed to release of Arceus X V3 in 2022 but they have not unleashed its official release date yet.

In a post, Amoy confirmed to launch V3 version of Arceus X, he clearly said that they even don’t know when they are going to release the upcoming version of Arceus X.

Amoy might not have revealed the exact launch date of Arceus X V2 but he promised to launch Arceus X V3 before the year ends.

In the latest post, one of the Arceus X devs, Tieah, teased fans with a new release date. If anything goes by his latest post, Arceus X V3 is scheduled to release on 9th November 2022.

Notably, the release date is yet to be confirmed but chances are high that the latest version of Arceus X will be out on November 9th, 2022.

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How Does Arceus X v3 Look?

Since the team of Arceus X has already started working on its V3, the devs have recently uploaded a couple of photos and gifs showcasing the official look of the Arceus X V3 Menu.

Amoy — who had confirmed to release of Arceus X V3 in 2022 — has shared a sneak peek of Arceus X’s upcoming version.

You can take a look at Arceus X V3’s official Menu here.

Arceus X v3

To know more about Arceus X V3, follow the devs on Discord. Discord is a place where devs of the executor keep their fans updated on everything about the software.

How to Download Arceus X V3?

Talking about downloading Arceus X V3 is too early. Since the devs of the software has not released the V3 version of the software, you can’t download it right now.

As soon as the devs launch Arceus X Version 3 on their official site or Discord, we will create a guide explaining how to download Arceux V3 on your Mobile and exploit your favourite game.

You can bookmark our site and join the Arceus X community to get the latest information about the Mobile executor.

Will Arceus X V3 Have Key System?

Similar to previous versions, Arceus X V3 will have Key System to provide protection to your Mobile devices.

Since the upcoming version will have more features, chances are high that the devs will add an in-built Key System in the V3 version.

Unlike the previous versions, the users of Arceus X V3 would not need to visit websites like Linkvertise to download and get the Key.

Once you have downloaded Arceus X V3 from its official site, you can obtain the Key by following a few simple steps.

That’s everything you need to know about Arceus X Version 3.

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