Arcane Odyssey – All Injuries and How to Heal Them (2024)

Arcane Odyssey is an adventure game where you can explore the Vast sea and look out for some good loot such as Buried Treasure on an island or a Shipwreck.

During your journey, you have to battle enemy ships and sometimes, you might end up getting injured.

To make the game more realistic and exciting, developers of this game makes it more dramatic.

Unlike other games, there are multiple types of injuries you might get in Arcane Odyssey and to get those injuries healed, you need to use separate procedure.

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If you want to know which type of injury you will get during a battle in Roblox Arcane Odyssey and how to heal them then you must read this guide till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Injuries In Arcane Odyssey And How To Heal Them

You probably get a lot of injuries in Roblox Arcane Odyssey because this game has you fighting for numerous things.

Since the majority of Arcane Odyssey injuries last for a long period of time, you will have to heal them by using the method written below:

If you don’t heal your injury in Arcane Odyssey, chances are high that you will end up losing the game.

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All Types Of Injuries In Arcane Odyssey

Here are all types of all injuries in Arcane Odyssey:

Leg Injury: Leg injury makes you 50% slower than your normal walking speed.

Hip Injury: Whenever a hip injury happens, you will have to start taking damage from falling from any height, with a sound effect.

The intensity of this damage varies, when you reach a higher intensity of it you will be stunned for a few seconds when you land on the ground after falling from height.

Calf Injury: The Calf injury will reduce your jump height up to 75% of your normal jump height.

Back Injury: This injury causes you to take up to 25% more damage from all sources. The amount of damage you get will depend on the intensity of the injury.

Chest Injury: This injury will lead you to take random bursts of damage that hit harder.

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How to Heal Injuries in Arcane Odyssey

Irrespective of whether you get Leg, Calf, Back or Hip Injury in Arcane Odyssey, you could heal them quickly.

Notably, the Healing time of the above mentioned injuries depend on your maximum health, the severity of the injury, food, and potion.

If you want to know the severity of your injury and want to find out how to heal it faster then, you can find all of these things by hovering over the injury.

That’s all you need to know about all types of injuries and how to heal them in Arcane Odyssey.

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