Amazon SKUs (2024) – Everything You Need To Know

Are you wondering what Amazon SKUs are all about? You are not the first person to be confused by this term.

In this guide, we will explain what Amazon SKUs are and what their purpose is.

So, without wasting any more time, let us dive straight into it.

What Do Amazon SKUs Mean? 

SKUs is an abbreviation used for Stock Keeping Unit. An Amazon SKU is a unique code for the specific item category that is in the shop.  

Each different type of item has its own SKU that helps Amazon distinguish it from other items in the catalog. 

If you do not create an SKU, Amazon will create one for you by default. Every unique product on Amazon requires an SKU.

How To Create Your Customized Amazon SKU?

While creating an SKU might sound like a daunting task, to begin with, it is not that complicated once you understand the concept.

You just need to remember that the SKU you create should be within 40 characters.

It is important to create SKUs that are easy to remember and can help you organize your products and inventory.

There are a few details that you should include in an SKU for your own convenience. These include:

  • Name of the product: This would be the title of the item which describes it. For example, “cell phone” or “shirt”
  • Product Category: This one is related to the category of the specific product. Here, you can include categories like apparel, mobiles, or whatever specific category your product belongs to.
  • Product Condition: This is related to the physical condition of the product. It clarifies whether the product is new, second-hand, or in open box condition. 
  • Supplier Information: This is the information of the retailer or the company that supplied you with the product.
  • Product Description: This includes everything from the size, color, and dimensions of the product. 
  • Seasonal (Optional): This option is for the items that are in high demand through specific times of the year. For example, Christmas decorations would be an appropriate item for the holidays instead of a year-round product. 
  • Cost: This is the price that you paid for the item.
  • Sequence or batch: The order in which the products are added to the inventory is known as the batch number or sequence.

Why Do You Need Amazon SKUs?

There are many reasons why an Amazon SKU is essential for you. We have listed a few of these reasons below.

It Is Easier To Identify Your Products

One of the main reasons why an Amazon SKU is important has to do with easy identification. An Amazon SKU makes it easier for fulfilment centres to find your products easily. An SKU can identify the type of your product easily. 

Easier Data Management 

It is easier to manage your spreadsheet data with Amazon SKUs. In addition, tags make it easier to find certain products. With the help of SKUs, you can make long titles manageable and easier to access.

This is everything you need to know about Amazon SKUs. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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