How to Find All 20 Car Locations in Roblox Greenville (2024)

The much-awaited Easter event has finally started in Roblox Greenville. Since this Roblox game is all about driving a car, meeting new friends and roleplaying, the devs have added 20 cars that players have to find throughout the map.

Since the locations of all 20 cars are different, a lot of players are struggling to find cars in Roblox Greenville and complete the Egg Hunt event.

Notably, there are a total of 20 cars that players have to find in Roblox Greenville but we have discovered 33 possible locations where you can get those cars.

Your friends find a specific in a certain location in Roblox Greenville, but it does not mean you will also find that car there.

There are 33 spawn locations that you have to explore to find 20 cars in Roblox Greenville and complete the Egg Hunt event.

To make your work easier, we have showcased the locations of all 20 Cars in Roblox Greenville. All you need to do is head to those locations and get a car.

Once you have got the car, deliver it to the Car Dealer and head to the second location. You need to repeat it until you get the 20th car.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Where Are All The Car Parts in Greenville Roblox?

As mentioned above, you need to head to the following 33 spawn locations to find 20 car parts in Roblox Greenville.

Here are all car parts locations in Roblox Greenville:

  • DOT Building
  • Doggy Daycar
  • Strip Mall Pro
  • Behind Building Next to Just Buy
  • Farm House Barns
  • Behind Sahara Building
  • Inside Garys Collision & Repair
  • Crane Industries (Behind Taxi Place)
  • Front Of Airport:
  • Back Of Airport Runway
  • Offices Next To Burger Knight
  • Fox Mountain Intersection Back Road
  • Prop Building 2 Lots Behind Truckplanet
  • Inside TruckPlanet
  • Lakeville lake
  • Lake Secret Tunnel
  • Lake Locations
  • Neighborhood Side Of Lake
  • Bridge On Rear Map Backroad
  • Inside Rusty Gus Junkyard
  • 2 White Buildings By Post Office
  • Back Of Graveyard
  • Neighborhood Next To Graveyard
  • Behind Rapid Wash
  • Behind Town Hall
  • School Neighborhood
  • Apartments
  • Inside Cat’s Park Victor Barn
  • Corner of Cat’s Park Lake
  • 2 Barns At End Of Main Road
  • Corner Of Road by Secret House
  • Fallen Tree At End Of Map

If you still are having trouble finding car parts locations in Greenville Roblox, I recommend you to watch the following Youtube video.

The YouTuber named LGsplash has uploaded an amazing video showcasing the locations of all Roblox Greenville car locations in detail.

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